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Cement Mixer Buckets CONDOR

A wide range of cement mixer buckets for Skid-Steer Loaders, Wheel Loaders, Backhoe Loaders, Telehandlers and Excavators. Powered by EATON® hydraulic motors and completely manufactured in SSAB HARDOX 450® metal (""Hardox in my body"" Certification), the U.Emme Cement Mixer CONDOR is the ideal tool
to easily and quickly produce fresh concrete in every
condition. In addition to minimize operating costs, this kind of attachment is essential if the electricity is not available.


Road Collector Sweepers MANTA

MANTA is a collector sweeper for frontal applications on Skid-Steer Loaders, Wheel Loaders, Backhoe Loaders and Telehandlers. All models are equipped by polypropylene brushes or with polypropylene and steel brushes (a very useful setup in case of gravel or asphalt milled collection). Each Sweeper is equipped as standard with side and front protection rubber bands, slides under the collector bucket and a bolted double cut knife in wear resistant steel (after wearing one side it can be easily reversed).


Graders COBRA

COBRA is a Grader with 4 different levelling blades size.
Blade angulation and tilt are moved by 2 couples of powerfull hydraulic cylinders. Each COBRA hydraulic function can be controlled manually through one of the 6 types of available controls or completely automated using a self-levelling laser signal system. The controlvalve with which to equip COBRA can be chosen between on/off or proportional type, the latter guarantees extreme precision performance. The COBRA grader transforms
your skid steer loader, wheel loader or backhoe loader into a high performance motor grader with which to carry out high precision levelling work both simply and quickly.


Front Shredder SCORPION

Scorpion is a front shredder supplied with right side shift,
back-up sliding roller and floating system on the linkage plate. It’s possible to equip each Scorpion model with “Y” knives kit or hammers kit directly on the same shaft. The right side-shift system can be choosed mechanical or hydraulic, in this last case wil be provided by an hydraulic cylinder, a solenoid valve for splitting the hydraulic functions and an electric kit with supply connection and on/off switch button. The floating plate provides a vertical excursion that allows the equipment to be always close to the ground in case of unevennes and bumps.


Snow Blowers YETI STD

YETI is a hydraulic double stage frontal snow blower standard equipped by ice breaker helices in HARDOX® metal ensuring strong resistance at wears that may occur from the attrition of rocks mixed to the snow while at work. Each model can be set up with hydraulic either electric or mechanical chute and deflector rotation (electric and mechanical solutions require a lower oil flow). Robust and powerful, YETI STD allows you to quickly and effectively remove from roads and yards any type of snow.



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