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Mechanical Face Seals / Duo Cone Seals

SAP Parts is Leading Manufacturer and Designer of Mechanical Face Seals / Duo Cone Seals / Floating seals for typical applicatios . With an State of the Art Manufacturing Facility Located in Pune India . SAP Parts has expertise in Sealing solutions which serves the construction , Mining , Agriculture and Industrial Applications.


Precision Engineered Bushes

Open ended and closedended groves carved insidethe bore of Bushings provide path for lubricating oil and grease ensures the appropriate lubrication in between mating parts and improves service life of the bush . These bushings are also provided the antifriction graphite based compoundMolybdenum di-sulphide MOS2 and Tungsten disulphide WS2


Sintered Parts

Sintered sliding bearings & bushings are indispensable elements of the machinery. SAP Parts designed innovative materials and
processes that delivers Powder Metallurgy products meeting optimum customer satisfaction.
With intensive research and development in metal powders and sintering process, SAP Parts products exhibit a phenomenal
strength and proven performance. A well-established infrastructure for Manufacturing, Testing and Quality Assurance at
SAP Parts, warrants the reliability of Sintered Products for geometrical specifications, tolerances, surface roughness
attributes, density and the strength. Etc.


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